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BMG Production Music is the production music division founded in 2017 after consolidation of all BMG-owned libraries into one company. Like its parent company, BMG Rights Management, it is based in Berlin, Germany.


The origin of BMG's return to music library business, after selling BMG Zomba Production Music to Universal Music Group in 2007, dates back to 2011, after it acquired Selectracks as part of Bug Music purchase. [1]

On February 2014, BMG acquired Talpa Music, the owners of Benelux/German music library distributor MusicDirector (previously Music & Images).[2]

On September 15, 2014, it was announced that BMG acquired Music Beyond through the former's Chrysalis US arm.[3] In December 2014, of the same year, it acquired X-Ray Dog.[4]

In January 2016, BMG acquired UK production music company Beds & Beats[5], while in August 2016 it acquired another British music library Altitude Music and its subsidary Must Save Jane.[6]

In February 2017, BMG announced to merge all its owned libraries into BMG Production Music.[7]


In September 2017, BMG PM announced acquisition of AXS Music, which became the former's French branch.[8] Later this month, the company acquired Immediate Music along with its sister label 1 Revolution Music [9]

In March 2018, BMG PM started distributing globally Ninja Tune Production Music and Dynamic Music libraries.[10].

In April 2018, BMG PM expanded into APAC area, by acquiring Big Bang & Fuzz. [11]. After BBF was rebranded into BMG Production Music, the former's name survives as the name of the latter's Australian music library of the same name.

On August 2018, it was announced that BMG acquired British Deep East Music and French Tele Music libraries. The former company still operates as a separate entity[12] and didn't become available on BMG PM's UK site until 2021.

After two years of global representations, Dynamic Music was acquired by BMG in July 2020.[13]


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